Tax advice

    • Permanent advice on national, departmental and municipal taxes.
    • Special advice on tax return revisions.
    • Tax planning, training, dissemination and updating in tax matters.
    • Advice in response to requirements of the tax authorities.
    • Advice on the preparation of appeals against tax assessments and/or review assessments.

Legal advice

    • Elaboration, review, analysis and legal concepts in the incorporation of companies, review of bylaws.
    • Review of spin-off, merger, dissolution and liquidation of companies.
    • Certification of foreign capital registration.
    • Preparation of legal requirements to companies in legalization processes such as drafting of bylaws.
    • Concept on Commercial Law and Exchange Regime, in general.

Exchange advising

    • Advice on issues related to the exchange control regime, clearing accounts and international investments.

Administrative advice

    • Review, organization and implementation of administrative processes.
    • Review of accounting, financial and cost systems.
    • Simplification studies of systems and procedures to reduce operating expenses and costs.
    • Inventory control methodology, warehouses and maintenance workshops.
    • Methodology for fixed assets control and inventory elaboration.
    • Salary administration and job evaluation.
    • Methodology on the management information system.
    • Organization of the budget and control system.
    • Elaboration of manuals of functions, norms, policies and accounting and administrative procedures.
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