HLB C&C Consultorías have a team of expert and certified accountants, through which accounting management and administration processes are developed. Our Outsourcing service analyzes the conditions that affect the client, establishing their impact and importance, studying the trends of the operation and evaluating its environment. For this, it is based on legal regulations, and it also establishes the monitoring of the company's internal policies and procedures. , thus verifying the quality of the information system at the accounting and financial level, thereby determining the cycles of the transactions applied in the established internal controls. In this way, timely and reliable information is successfully processed and provided for making managerial and strategic decisions.

Analyzes Conditions Affecting the Customer

Verifies the quality of the accounting and financial information system.

Processes and Provides Timely and Reliable Information for Decision Making


Administrative Outsourcing becomes a perfect solution for organizations to focus on "their business", delegate complementary tasks to us and thus efficiently meet objectives in various critical administrative activities.

This results in a reduction in expenses and an improvement in the profit of companies since it saves on personnel costs, cost of facilities and possible rework.

Expense Reduction

Profitability Improvement

Cost Savings


Our focus in payroll operational processes is to generate added value through a balance between knowledge of current labor standards and laws, and updated software, supported by a qualified and properly trained human team that adapts to the specific needs of our clients.

In this way we managed to reduce the workload related to routine operational activities for administrative personnel and eliminate investment costs and software maintenance.

The service translates into permanent updating, optimization and standardization of processes. We offer continuous improvement and innovation for our clients.

Generate Added Value

Decrease the workload

Eliminate Software Investment and Maintenance Costs

Permanent Updating, Optimization and Standardization of Processes

Continuous Improvement and Innovation

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